Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dress up

Brinlee got to play dress up for the first time at Nana's house. She LOVED it.
 She has kind of played before, mostly she just got obsessed with Lahna's dress up shoes she had. (she got her own dress up shoes from Grandma for christmas that she can obsess over now)

How cute is she?!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Photo shoot

We had a photo shoot at Nana and Papa"s house just before Christmas. I got some cute pictures out of it and could decide what one to put up. Sooo I went crazy with the collages again :)

Mostly Brinlee was just so stinkin' cute in different ones. Since I was by myself I couldn't get Ledger to smile and take pictures...

Seriously LOVE her piggy tails. I have waited so long for that girl to get some hair! And LOVE his toothless smile! Oh and how about their cute little hands together!? Brinlee thought that was so fun that he was holding her finger.

okay I cannot get that ^lettering to be the same color as the rest!

Well there you have it. Another post. It's a miracle!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

something is better than nothing

 I figure putting something, anything, up on my blog was better than nothing. So Halloween it is! In the words of my dear friend Natalie, "Ummm....Halloween was a long time ago." Okay Natalie I know! But they were so stinkin' cute! And I figure it's a good way to celebrate the Seahawks victory from yesterday! GO SEAHAWKS!!! 


Brinlee was the cutest little Sea Gal ever!

And ledger was the football. I know what you're thinking, ADORABLE! 
 And I was Russel Wilson...I know, I know, I look just like him right? 
We were suppose to make Joey a Pete Carol costume, but our lives were super crazy with Ledger being just a month and a half old. So it never happened. A little sad, but oh well.

 Oh and this is what Brinlee does when you ask her to say cheese for a picture.

Well there we go, it almost took me a whole year to just put up a stinkin' post on my blog. I feel like the longer you wait the more you don't want to do it because it's been so long you feel silly about it. But here it is, Happy January.

 P.S. How cute are my Niece and Nephew?!?!

Monday, February 25, 2013


I want to post some old photos from when we were in Spokane. They're just too cute not to show you!

Brinlee went through a lot of phases while we were in Spokane. 
we were there for 5 months and she did A LOT of growing in that time!

She couldn't walk or talk when we showed up.
By the time it was time to leave she was a talking, running machine!

Brinlee figured out how to climb.
Yeah she did a climbing in things phase. Apparently that's a super fun thing!

If she could get herself into it she was happy.

One of her favorite places was the toy basket because she was in it AND got to play with the toys at the same time!

This was another favorite climbing in spot...even in the nude.

Actually she would prefer the nude.

She went through a phase of trying to take her own shirt off...I think it ended because she was never successful so she just gave up.

This truck. She did not use it how it was suppose to be used. She liked to stand on it. I wish I had more pictures...she then liked to let go so she was standing no hands. And then She liked to take one foot off and balance. I just told Joey she was a gymnast in the making!
Luckily it's super low to the ground, because she loved doing crazy tricks on it.

 We used to put things up on the air hockey table because Brinlee couldn't reach them up there...
Until she figured out this move! Don't worry that's her balanced on the edge of a toy basket.

 For safety reasons I moved it down to the ground...and then I found her like this. Haha.

This phase is still not done. She loves to climb on chairs! I would put one in the middle of the room for her to just climb up and down. But it still worried me to not watch her because she would stand on them. So I would push the chairs in when I couldn't watch her. Well that wasn't going to stop her.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

I was suppose to do this post yesterday but it was way too crazy of a day.

Brinlee has a BIG valentines announcement!

And she also enjoyed her presents

From Nana and Papa.

And from Grandma and Grandpa

Well Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Cutest Owl on the Block

Yup. Halloween time. In January...

Nana did a cute photo shoot of Brinlee Halloween day.
Too bad Brinlee wasn't really in the mood to smile!

A great shot of her costume. 
I made the feet, beak, sleeves and gloves...although I wish I could take credit for the whole thing.

 wooooh, don't fall over!

Just smelling Nana's flowers. Cutie.

why would they leave me here on this ledge??


Oh there's some happiness!! She just started cracking up. No idea what was so funny.

 But it was ADORABLE!
 (we had too zoom in a lot to get this close up, hence the blurry)

 She also practiced her trick-or-treating skills....
First you go up to the door.

Then you knock on the door.

Oops. We forgot to teach her you don't go in...

 That night we took her trunk-or-treating at the church.

She was very fascinated by this blow up ghost thing...

And she hung out with her vampire cousin Dominic :)

 When we got home she had to dump out her goodies and see what she got!

 And she was so nice to share a piece with me....while Nana stole some behind her back! 

Overall I think she had a fun Halloween.
Thanks Brinlee for being the cutest owl EVER!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our Little Indian

I have been TERRIBLE recently about updates.  Better late than never I suppose.
Considering this was BEFORE Halloween. Oops.

Moccasins, check. Bow, check. Two arrows, check.

Jolie and Nana even taught her what an Indian says. It was pretty stinking adorable.

She even captured bad guys...

 And then she thought it looked fun, so she joined them.